It’s no secret that summer has hit its halfway mark and that I’ve already been in LA for about 4 weeks now.  My intention was to blog consistently throughout my entire journey here, but I just never took the time to set it all up and learn WordPress.  Instead I’ve been doing my best to remain present in the moment, soak up every experience possible, and remember it all so I’m able to accurately recount each moment.  As you can probably imagine, I now have endless amounts of adventures ready to be written here and published.  Recently my two suitemates, Kristen and Tessa, have become active bloggers themselves and have inspired me to actually begin posting and documenting my journey.  Kristen’s blog is A Blonde Movie Critic and Tessa’s is A Brunette With Baggage.  You should definitely check them both out and follow them!

I’ve decided, the days I spent with my mom prior to moving into the program each deserve their own post.  Far too much was condensed into these 5 days where one post briefly summarizing it all, would simply not do it justice and on the other hand, one long post would just be obnoxious and would probably end up being 10 pages!  Each day was beautiful and exhilarating in its own way and I cannot wait to finally relive the adventures we had by writing about it.

Tuesday, June 17th

My wonderful mother and I departed Rochester early in the morning.  We arrived at LAX with no difficulties (aside from spilling oatmeal ALL over my lap in the airport) and it quickly became apparent to me that this adventure was a) getting off to a great start (minus the oatmeal incident) and b) going to be one of the best experiences of my life thus far.

The first thing we did was check into our Airbnb “bed and breakfast” in Marina del Rey.  No question about it, my mom and I usually prefer using Airbnb because for 1) it’s affordable and 2) it’s the best way to immerse yourself in the culture without sticking out like a sore thumb as an obvious tourist.  Not to say I don’t enjoy a high class resort once in a while, but most of the time it’s nice to blend in and do what the locals do.  Upon arrival, we could immediately sense the warmth and friendliness exuding from the house and knew we had scored big.  We have experienced a not-so-great Airbnb before, so it was relieving to know our temporary home for the next couple of days was going to be an experience worth sharing.  In a few posts, I’ll talk more about our interactions with Michael and Tara, the kind, gentle couple who lived there.

Because we left Rochester at the crack of dawn and because of the drastic time difference, we had the entire second half of the day to roam the area.  Venice got our business that night when we ate at this cutesy, Mediterranean restaurant on the boardwalk, called Med Cafe.  Hands down, it was some of the best falafel I have ever eaten!  We spoke with some amiable locals, who could not have been kinder, and they gave us recommendations of places to go in the area.  Abbot Kinney Blvd was high on their list, so following dinner, mom and I ventured a few streets over to check it out.  It literally, was one of the coolest places ever.  I have grown a strong affinity for Abbot Kinney and it has quickly become one of my favorite spots in all of LA.  It’s basically one long street full of boutiques, art, coffee shops, retail, and restaurants with a cool, bohemian vibe.  TOMS was one of my favorite stores at AK, although I am a little biased because TOMS is one of our clients.  But really, who doesn’t like an earthy, organic retail store filled with TOMS products and a place with a positive ambiance?  It was a big score in my book and I discovered it to be a great hang out place to relax and recharge.


The view from the outdoor seating area
The view from the outdoor seating area
I ordered the falafel platter and it couldn't have been more tasty!
I ordered the falafel platter and it couldn’t have been more tasty!

Abbot Kinney Blvd

One of our clients for my internship is TOMS, so of course I had to go check out the was awesome!
One of our clients for my internship is TOMS, so of course I had to go check out the store…it was awesome!

We also walked along the Venice beach, which was pretty neat.  There are a lot of interesting characters in Venice.  It’s a great place to go during the day, but definitely a place to avoid at night.

Well that’s a wrap for Day 1!  It was an incredible way to spend my first day in LA.  The only way I can describe it is absolute bliss.  Time sure is flying by though, I can’t believe all this took place exactly a month ago today.


Stay tuned for Day 2!  It involves a farmer’s market, yoga in the park, UCLA, Malibu, and everything in between.


All my best,