A Typical SoCal Weekend

I had to put a hold on my REWIND series to talk about my fabulous weekend.

Saturday, July 26

Before I begin the lowdown, I must give a shoutout to my spectacular mother!  It was her birthday on Saturday!!  Unfortunately I couldn’t spend the day celebrating with her because I’m obviously in LA and she’s back home in Upstate NY.  So my mom decided instead of staying home, to spend her birthday and the days leading up to her birthday in Maine with some dear family friends.  She’s one special gal and deserved all the best for her birthday and from my understanding, she spent her day doing things she loves with people she loves.  What more could you ask for?

In addition to it being my mother’s birthday, it was also National Dance Day!  Every year when Nigel Lythgoe promotes it on So You Think You Can Dance, I imagine how fun it would be to actually be there to celebrate it in LA with Nigel and SYTYCD alum.  So when the time came around and they began mentioning it on the show, I just knew I had to go!  It took place at Grand Park in downtown LA, which was perfect because a group of people from the program I’m in were planning on going to Carroll Avenue, which happens to be only 5 minutes from the park.

Carroll Ave is used in several TV shows and movies as a filming location because of the massively beautiful victorian houses that exist there.  It was the perfect location for Charmed, a TV show I grew up watching.  The street itself has character as well as a subtle charm with a San Francisco feel to it, which is naturally why one of the houses was chosen as the exterior of the sisters’ house in the show.  Upon arriving at the house, a man who lives there was sitting on the 2nd floor porch reading the paper, so it was definitely awkward approaching the house as a group of 5.  As we got closer, without a blink or any facial movement, he crawled back into his house through the window, as a turtle would into his shell.  It seemed incredibly second nature, so I’m assuming he is completely used to outsiders observing his house that is doesn’t even phase him.  I almost felt bad.  I sure as hell would not want unfamiliar people coming to observe my house, but at the same time it’s what you signed up for and agreed to when you bought the house.  The second we were done taking pictures and began walking away, from the corner of my eye I saw him crawl back out from the window and onto the porch.  Next up was the house used in the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Pretty neat to say I’ve walked on the same land MJ has walked on.

Charmed House

Thriller House

Back to National Dance Day!  When Dana and I arrived, I could easily feel the warmth, both literally and figuratively.  It was one of the hottest days I’ve ever encountered here and being in a crowd of people is not ideally how I picture spending days such as this one, especially when you’re drenched in sweat and smell like rotten eggs, however I was surprisingly able to deal with all this…anything for National Dance Day!  Figuratively, the energy was warm and inviting.  Everyone was happy and frankly just excited to be there celebrating dance!  Dance is as universal as you can get.  It’s a form of language human beings share across all cultures and societies and my best assumption as to why National Dance Day is so highly regarded.  Cameras were everywhere!  A camera guy approached me and asked if he could see those boots in action!  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in the footage Wednesday night.  The event consisted of doing the choreographed beginner’s and advanced routines a couple of times and watching actual dance groups perform.  Much to my surprise, the girl who sings the song for the beginner’s routine even came out for a mini performance, which only ingrained that song in my head even more.  Her song is called “Too Cool to Dance,” so when the song ended, she proceeded to prompt us to yell, “we’re not too cool to dance!”  Needless to say, I did not yell that…it crossed the line a little too far for me.  On that note, there was one exercise that involved forming weird shapes with your body with complete strangers and I’m pretty convinced this was the universe’s way of getting back at me for forcing my freshmen orientation groups to do odd ice breaker games.  Back on topic, of course Nigel was there as well as 2 of my all time favorite alum, Ade Chike Torbert and Cyrus!  As always, they were great.  Cyrus even came out and danced for us!  It was the perfect way to spend my Saturday afternoon.  Being there in person was far better than watching the footage on TV; it definitely did not disappoint.

Grand Park
Grand Park
The film crew is on the left!
The film crew is on the left!
Nigel Lythgoe doing the beginner's routine himself
Nigel Lythgoe doing the beginner’s routine himself
Cyrus and Ade Chike
Cyrus and Ade Chike

Following National Dance Day, we topped it off with a trip to The Grove.  After eating lunch at this fancy pizza place, we did some unnecessary shopping and each got a few things.  I finally found the perfect dress for the Teen Choice Awards!  It’s a beautiful, tight fitting white dress.  Seeing as how my body isn’t going to change much within the next decade, I figured I may as well buy it for the TCA and have it for many other occasions to come.

TCA dress from Top Shop
TCA dress from Top Shop
This made its way onto my dream list of things to have!  Unfortunately the pricing was far too much out of my range.
This made its way onto my dream list of things to have! Unfortunately the pricing was out of my range by far at this stage in life.

Sunday, July 27

With a group of friends from the internship program I’m in, we headed to Huntington Beach for the Vans US Open of Surfing!  To be honest, I had never heard of this event before and had absolutely no idea how massively popular it is.  Apparently it wasn’t as crowded as it typically is, but then again, it was only the first day with about a week more to go.  There were tents everywhere with sweet merch!  There was even a Paul Mitchell tent with legitimate hairdressers there cutting people’s hair and styling.  Another tent was promoting People Water, which happens to be Bachelorette star, Jef Holm’s company.  I was secretly crossing my fingers hoping he’d be there, but unfortunately he was not.  The surfing itself was exciting to watch and all we could do was sit there in awe wondering how you even get to that level.

My friend, Emaleigh, from SUNY Fredonia Enactus just moved to Orange County for a job and doesn’t live far from Huntington, so she met us there!  It was great to see a familiar face, but also strange seeing someone so out of context from the usual surroundings.

Vans Surf Open


Vans Surf Open 2

Enactus reunites!  Em and me posin
Enactus reunites! Em and me posin

My weekend definitely fits the typical SoCal stereotype.  Hey, every bit of it was great though.  I sure hope you all had beautiful weekends and hope you have wonderful things planned for this upcoming weekend!

Until next time,