Wednesday, June 18th

This day was jam packed like no other!  We explored a wide range of places within the Los Angeles area starting with the farmer’s market in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica:  Our two hosts, Michael and Tara, suggested this farmer’s market specifically because of its popularity and wide range of selections.  They also mentioned that this is the market a lot of chefs enjoy going to, so we instantly knew it must be good.  Being a Rochester, NY native, we understand what a good market looks like because ours is one of the best in the state, so it is safe to say our expectations were set high.  We arrived at the location (Arizona & 2nd) and were welcomed by swarms of people.  After being forced into the parking lot because of the lack of spots available on the side of the road, we entered the market and I was immediately drawn into the lively energy and pleasant smells.  There was everything from blossoming artichokes to home grown organic almonds.  My mom couldn’t get enough of those almonds!  I have to admit, they were splendid.  All in all, the market was a hit.  Before heading off on our next adventure, we walked along Ocean Ave and I got my first peek at the famous Santa Monica pier.  I knew I’d be back plenty throughout the summer, so we didn’t walk too far.

Santa Monica   Farmer's Market

This is the blooming artichoke!
This is the blooming artichoke!

Panorama of Santa Monica

Behind me to the left is the Santa Monica pier
Behind me to the left is the Santa Monica pier

Venice:  Back to Venice we went for yoga in the park, which is an all-time favorite Californian pastime!  It takes place daily in the small park adjacent to the Whole Foods in Venice.  Hands down, it still makes the top of my list as one of the best things I’ve done in California so far.  Tawney is the spectacular instructor!  Throughout the session, she would periodically make comments, like most instructors do, but hers were pearls of wisdom.  One thing in particular struck a chord with my mom and me, she stated, “the only thing preventing us from doing what we want to do is our own ego.”  A few words to sum up this experience:  freeing, moving, spiritual.

Tawney is one of the founders for a foundation that promotes a lifestyle where you always have the opportunity to be on vacation.  It’s called Live like You’re on Vacation, check it out!

Beverly Hills/UCLA:  Our next stop was to check out the place I’d be interning at for the summer.  It’s a small company with large clients.  However, because they’ve chosen to have a small office, they ultimately decided to work from home.  When we entered the neighborhood, we knew from our surroundings that I’d be working at a beautiful house this summer.  Sure enough, it is!  It’s absolutely fabulous and a great work environment.  Following this, we took a short drive up to UCLA to see the apartments I’d be living in for 8 weeks.  The doors were locked and all we could really see was the lobby, so instead we decided to venture into Westwood and discover the cute village I’d be spending lots of time in this summer.  I had my first experience with the oh so popular Coffee Bean and it was good, but it didn’t blow me away.  It quickly dawned on me that the walk from my apartment into Westwood was no short walk in the park or, in other words, nothing at all what I’m familiar with living in a small college town.

Malibu:  The day does not end yet!  I convinced my mom into a spontaneous drive up to Malibu!  The drive was unimaginably breathtaking, but not at all like we expected.  Malibu is spread out across a long stretch of windy roads; there’s no actual centralized part of town, which I found odd, but it sure did have that elegant, exclusive feel to it.  The beach was exceptionally clean and well-kept.  Probably one of my favorite beaches that I’ve been to thus far.  Dinner was great, I had one of my favorites (fish tacos) at The Sunset Restaurant.  My mom had this flatbread dish, which she found out of this world and adamantly said, “I’m going to replicate this at home!”

Malibu Beach Malibu Beach 2

After the drive back to Marina del Rey, I’m pretty sure we collapsed in bed and watched House of Food until we passed out from exhaustion.  My friend from college, Harrison, was one of the cast members and after I saw his Facebook post revealing that he won, I decided I had to catch up on the season.  Watch him dominate the show here!

Check back for Day 3, which I’ll be posting shortly!  You’ll get to hear about our Jimmy Kimmel Live experience and more.

All my best,



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